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Is RIPA-North transforming restrictive gender norms?

Gender transformation is a major cross-cutting approach of the Mercy Corps-led RIPA-North program, which aims to build resilience in the lowlands of Ethiopia. Almost 75% of women surveyed reported 'high' or 'medium' levels of change for all main categories of gender norm that pose a challenge for women's participation and gender equity.

Making the Most of Cash at Scale

Mercy Corps works with global partners to lead cash consortia to support those affected by crisis; this research investigates how cash at scale can better meet critical needs and aid resilience

Adapting in Adversity

This report draws on the perspectives of Mercy Corps country leaders to understand how country and program teams in fragile and conflict-affected situations are supporting climate adaptation, the barriers they face, and the promising practices they are implementing in their programming.

Addressing the Climate-Conflict Nexus

This paper draws on existing research and Mercy Corps’ experiences working at the nexus of climate change and conflict and provides evidence-based insights for driving this work forward.

Establishing Resilient Livelihood Systems for Better Nutrition

The learning brief presents a comprehensive analysis of the USAID Nawiri program's livelihood strategy, designed, and implemented in the efforts to sustainably address Persistent Acute Malnutrition (PAM) in the Samburu and Turkana counties of Kenya.