Market development

Market development

For farmers and other small business owners, selling the goods they produce presents many challenges. Some don’t have transportation. Others don’t have the ability to save money through traditional banking. Others still can’t access loans that would get their businesses off the ground. 

But it’s these businesses that are vital to economies everywhere. When local economies thrive, so does the rest of the community. Poverty rates decrease, families get their basic needs met and women discover opportunities to become leaders.


people we connected with job training in 2017


people we helped access community savings groups in 2017


people who gained access to financial education in 2017


small farmers with new access to digital financial services

Our work helps economies and markets grow and develop — even in the face of conflict or after a natural disaster. We connect with farmers, entrepreneurs and other community stakeholders to ensure that all business owners can get established and flourish in local markets. Our work reaches hundreds of thousands of people every year and impacts hundreds of thousands more. 

Helping business owners and farmers means helping an entire community build a stronger tomorrow. 

For more technical details on our market development programs, please download our approach document.

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